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ZoOm! – Creation 2021

Zoom! (provisional visual)

ZoOm! (provisional visual)

The company received an invitation from the Concordan (s) e – Paris festival, and its director Jean-François Munnier to create a project for young audiences. This invitation is an opportunity for Lucie Augeai and David Gernez to think about a form according to a rhythm and an address particularly suited to a young audience.

Concordan (s) e is an unprecedented encounter between a choreographer and a writer, the festival proposesan invitation from a choreographer and a writer who do not know each other beforehand in order to create together a play that can be broadcast both on sets and in various places (media libraries, schools, etc.).

The project was oriented towards a collaboration with a youth author illustrator: Jérémie Fischer .

A graduate of Decorative Arts from Strasbourg, Jérémie Fischer is the author of illustrated books (Magnani editions) and animated books. A prolific author with a poetic universe that mixes a play of colors and materials,

The play will be premiered in December 2021 at the Etoile du Nord theater in Paris, on the occasion of the Flip Flap young audience festival.

Upcoming meetings

29janvToute la journéeRencontres professionnelles MoMix 2021Rencontres professionnelles jeunes public Momix 2021(Toute la journée: vendredi) La Filature, Scène nationale - Mulhouse (68)

Lequipedufilme & Les Invincibles Podcast

InvincibleAt the invitation of Benjamin Georjon & Arnaud Vernet from the podcast The invincibles and in collaboration with” léquipedufilme” (production, images), Lucie Augeai and David Gernez set in motion the podcast “The sofa” which will soon be online on our site and on social networks.

The invincibles :
Instagram / Facebook / Audiomeans / Apple podcasts

Les Invincibles is a fiction and documentary series. The theater of these stories is the Goutte d’Or district in Paris 18th. The starting point is the other. The other, which reveals our own flaws. Every six episodes the real will echo these portraits. Les Invincibles is a podcast to listen to solo, every Sunday.


L’équipedufilme :
Instagram / Linktree

Production of music video, documentary, promotional film, fiction, comedian demo tape.

Etonnant Movement Festival

The festival ETONNANT MOVEMENT emanates from a desire of Lucie Augeai and David Gernez, artistic directors of the Compagnie Adéquate, to engage the inhabitants of a municipality in a process of discovery of the arts of movement (dance, circus, puppets).

Let yourself be carried away by the poetry of movement, marvel at the engagement of the bodies but also dance the time of a stroll, this is what spectators will be taken for a weekend, the May 22 and 23, 2021 .

The idea is to organize an artistic event around the arts of movement, composed of professional performances and participatory artistic proposals (ball, sensory performing walks, workshops …). The public will therefore be led both to discover but also to experience the movement.

We work our programming under the prism of intergenerational accessibility, with artistic proposals for both young audiences and all audiences, in parallel with mediation work. Establishing at the scale of a municipality means investing in common places but also allowing the rediscovery of little-known places, which is why the program will also be established in atypical spaces (natural and architectural heritage).

Circulate the arts in different spaces for the benefit of all.

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Douce dame – documentary

Douce Dame a documentary of l’Équipe du Filme.

Written and directed by Marie Augeai.
Picture / Mounting : Robin Paule

The images are taken from the rehearsal of the play Douce dame during the performance of July 11 2020 at TAP – Théâtre Auditorium de Poitiers (TAP).

With Lucie Augeai, David Gernez, Simon-Pierre Bestion, Vivien Simon.
Thanks to Théâtre auditorium de Poitiers, for their welcome.

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