DUO — 50 MIN

At the negotiating table

Two women, unknown to each other. Two different bodies, inside the same space, sculpted by light. Their confrontation requires the search for an agreement. How does a body react when it enters into negotiations?
Negotiate with each other but also with yourself, to adjust together. Find the points of contact, in this subtle art that is that of diplomacy. What strategy, what mechanisms to find common ground?

The space is tightened around a melee dialogue, between handshakes and arm wrestling. A vital dance on the diplomatic game.


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pas de représentation


Lucie Augeai and David Gernez
Lucie Augeai and Bora Wee
Complicit look
Jessica Fouché
Musical score
Anthony Rouchier
Light Creation and General Authority
Etienne Soullard
Gwendoline Grandjean

Adequate company
Co-productions and residency
Territory Scenes – Bocage Bressuirais (79) / The 3Ts – Châtellerault Theatres (86) / Thouars Theatre – Conventional Stage (79) / Olympia Theatre, arc-based multidisciplinary conventional dance of Arcachon (33) / L’Intervalle, Noyal-sur-Vilaine (35) / Cdc4B – Theatre du Château (16) / L’OARA – Artistic Office of the New Aquitaine Region.
Production support
ARDC La Maline, Isle of Re (17)
With the support DRAC New Aquitaine, for company assistance and assistance in the creation and artistic and cultural education, of the New Aquitaine Regional Council, under the Regional Convention, the Vienna Departmental Council, and a an original mechanism to assist in the creation and artistic and cultural education in three territories of the former Poitou-Charentes Region: Bressuire, Châtellerault, Thouars, carried by the Ministry of Culture-DRAC New Aquitaine and the Théâtre de Thouars, conventionstage, Territory Scenes – Bunnfor Bressuirais agglomeration and the 3T-Theatres of Châtellerault.
The Company is in partnership with the Olympia Theatre, a multi-disciplinary conventional stage dominated by Arcachon’s dance (33) on the years 2017-2019.