Adequate focuses its fluid dance, while dialogues and exchanges, around a founding question to its repertoire: our relationship to the other; relationships in love or fraternal, all against the intimate or at the heart of the professional sphere, of those who base us or pass through us.

A quest on identity and the world as it will be embodied by ample and generous movements that rub against a luminous impertinence, and must, according to the strong creed of Adequate, not to exclude, on the contrary to bring the audiencetogether.

From the meeting in 2010 of Lucie Augeai and David Gernez, both choreographers and performers, the company Adéquate (Poitiers) was born and with, in 2011, a duo Noeuds (Knots). Original work, acclaimed by several awards, it marks the launch of their artistic collaboration based on a work on identity and a fluid approach to movement.

From his second score, Frater (Young Talents Prize 2012) and then with the soli W(W for him and W for her),the company is plural; historical collaborators and partners join them. On stage itself, after adventures that were at the strongest in trio, Adéquate proposes in 2016, opening the Winters d’Avignon, Job, an up-to-one septet on the job of dancer-performer.

In 2017, the duo resumes their rights to serve a face-to-face subject, that of negotiation, with Embodied diplomacy where Lucie Augeai meets Korean dancer Bora Wee on stage.

Since Job, Lucie Augeai and David Gernez keep this desire to deepen the work of the voice in their pieces. In 2018, with the in-situ creation Douce dame (Sweet lady), the company welcomes two new collaborators, Simon-Pierre Bestion of Ensemble La Tempête and Vivien Simon, singer-multi-instrumentalist. A quartet is formed to mix dance, singing and ancient music.

2019 sees the birth of the new group piece of Adequate, Les royaumes (The Kingdoms). With 8 performers on set, the company choreographs a modern epic, the epic crossing of a band.

This desire to be plural, to invest different spaces continues, Lucie Augeai and David Gernez, commissioned by the Concordanse kids festival, imagine a young audience project for December 2021.

The company was associated with the Beaulieu Cultural Centre (Poitiers) from 2014 to 2015.

In 2016, the company was chosen to participate in an innovative scheme of the DRAC ex Poitou-Charentes, in collaboration with Les 3-T Théâtres de Châtellerault (86), Théâtre de Thouars (79) – Stage de Territoire , Territory Scene / Agglomeration of Bocage Bressuirais (79),

In addition, the team is in partnership with Châtellerault’s 3T-stage (86) for the 2016/2017 season.

From 2017 to 2019 the company is in partnership with the Olympia Theatre-stage conventioned dance of Arcachon (33).

Lucie Augeai

After a first training in political science and law, Lucie Augeai trained through protean projects alongside choreographers such as Emanuel Gat, Nasser Martin-Gousset, and Bill T Jones, and also obtained her state diploma. Hired from 2010 by contemporary companies and street art, she tries on stage a new path between theatre and dance. She works for the company Given (Opus 1 and Absurdus), Pedro Pauwels (Sens 1 and performances in situ), and directors like Omar Porras.

Very quickly, she developed a work of choreographer of her own, first in choreographic workshops for amateurs, then created her first forms at events and for places not dedicated to dance. She embarks on the path of a singular writing inscribed in the world, nourished by her commitment to cultural actions – in 2013 she is even a finalist of the Prize of Artistic and Cultural Audacity of the Ministry of Culture for the projects she leads with the company Given on the territory of the Auvergne Region. Since 2011, she has been a choreographer associated with David Gernez at Compagnie

David Gernez

In parallel to his studies in computer science, David Gernez discovered dance in an amateur school in Hyères.
He began his career in Switzerland in 2002, and his singular career as a dancer-performer befell through independent projects, as well as musicals and operas.

2005 marked the beginning of an adventure with Angelin Preljocaj, first a student at GUID, then joined the company of the latter, and danced the most important pieces of his repertoire: Noces, Les 4 Saisons… Empty Moves (parts I and II).

The rest of his career followed with Emanuel Gat (The Rite of Spring, K626, 3for2007, Silent Ballet and Sixty Four), Nasser Martin-Gousset, the company Linga (no.thing, re-mapping the body), or the brothers Ben Aïm (CFB451) (Valse à trois time). Since 2011, he has been a choreographer associated with Lucie Augeai at Compagnie Adéquate.


Étienne came from the world of industrial engineering, which he left in 2004 to marry the profession of stage manager – titillated by his guitar liabilities – first in the company Funny Hydraule (street), then in theatre. There he discovered the crafts of light that he practiced in operation as in creation, in several places such as Villette, the CND of Pantin or the Fratellini Academy, and several companies such as the company Raghunath Manet (traditional Indian dance) , the Range of Marie-Geneviève Massé (Baroque dance) or the position of Ricardo’s lookout
Lopez-Munoz (contemporary theatre). At the same time, he develops skills in the image, especially on everything related to video projection, video and graphic design as well as 3D mapping.
He is also a C4T2 artificer and comedian-guitarist on the show “Enter, enter… and you’ll see!” from the Houlala Company. He joined the company Adéquate in 2011 following his meeting at the Fontenay-sous-Bois theatre by Lucie Augeai and David Gernez.

Trained in music (solfège, piano) and classical and contemporary dance in conservatories, her activity as a dancer directs her towards contemporary dance but also towards operetta and cabaret in companies and events. Trained in drama, she also works as an actress in theatre and dubbing. Alongside the stage, his studies in law and cultural management as well as his professional encounters lead him to the assistant ship of artistic direction, the staged and choreographic assistantship, and the artistic coordination.
And this, with Laurent Gachet (since 2007 – urban opera projects, events in brownfields, large-format creations mixing music, dance and circus arts, in France and abroad); by Geisha Fontaine and Pierre Cottereau (2008); by Philippe Decouflé (tours: Sombreros and “Hearts Crusaders” / creations: “Desires” – Crazy Horse, 2009, “Octopus,” 2010); by Brigitte Seth and Roser Montllo Guberna (“Change or Die”, 2013, Inauguration of the CDC-La Briqueterie with the CNSMDP, 2013, “Esmerate,” 2015). In 2014, she assisted Christian and François Ben Aïm on “The Lightness of Storms” (creation) She closely followed the work of Compagnie Adéquate from its inception in 2011 and has been actively involved since June 2013.

Anthony Rouchier aka A.P.P.A.R.T., is a composer of electronic music that fuses styles as diverse as Tango, Country, Rock and Idm. A.P.P.A.R.T opened up to music by studying electro-acoustics at the National Conservatory of Nice and the CIRM (International Center for Musical Research) and then in Musicology at the university. His first album “Nu Tango”, released in 2003, was born from a commission for a group of 8 dancers from the Opéra National de Paris. In the fall of 2003, A.P.P.A.R.T. toured France, Europe and Japan.
In the spring of 2007, he released a new album entitled “Digital Western” and “Flamencotronics” in 2008. During all this time Anthony composed for dance, whether contemporary or neo-classical (Nancy Opera, Paris Opera for the dancer Star Laetitia Pujol, Eric Oberdorff in Monte Carlo). In 2010, he signed “Last Vegas”, an album of a new amplitude where he revisits the city of sin. In 2009 and 2010, he collaborated again for dance and theatre with swiss director Paolo dos Santos, the Junior Ballet de Genêve and Kader Belarbi, also star of the Paris National Opera.
In 2011 Anthony is preparing A’s fifth album. P.P.A.R.T., the 10th anniversary of “Nu tango” and 4 new Creations for ballet including Guilherme Bothelo’s company ALIAS, as well as the Compagnie Adéquate.

After a Level II degree in visual communication, Benoît Cannaferina moved to the independent graphic designer in 2006.
Specializing in print media, he mainly designs books, catalogues, folders, brochures and visual identities. It broadens its scope through signage, set design, packaging…
Sensitized to typography, his work is characterized by the implementation of simple, clear and strong messages.
Having been working in Paris for a few years, he has been working with a very varied clientele (publishing house, art gallery, museum, association, architecture agency, communication agency, commercial and service company…) and regularly collaborates with other independents.
Since the beginning of his activity, he has reserved a part of his time for pedagogy in several institutions of higher education of applied arts. He has been partnering with the company Adéquate since 2013 for which he develops the graphic charter and the various communications media of the company.

Polymorphic costume designer, it is during a course of Plastic Arts in Rennes, that she practices first painting and then making performances, textile installations and fabric objects. This practice naturally directs her to the show costume.
In 2002 she joined a DMA costume director in which she discovered the world of circus, during an internship at the Fratellini Academy. There she met Laurent Gachet, her artistic director, with whom she collaborated for nearly ten years on all her shows.

Over the years, she perfected her practice: dressing, accompanying and sublimating the movements of the body of the acrobat, the aerobatic, the trapeze artist, the tightrope walker, the dancer, on large-scale projects such as Les enfants du Bouregreg in 2008, Dancing with The lunatics! in 2010 (circus biennials in Salé, Morocco) or with Pierre Doussaint in 2011 on Chimeras and Dragons at the Chartres Conservatory. For these projects, she supervises manufacturing workshops with amateurs and professionals.

Since 2010, she has also collaborated with the Variety Studio, where she acts as a stage-keeping consultant for various current music groups. She made a foray into the musical by creating costumes for Scooby doo and the Mystery of the Pyramid in 2013. She also dives into other more intimate forms such as Demnâ, dance solo by Bertrand Saky Tchébé, created in 2012 at the CND , The fan tales of the company Gestes Sonores, with the aim of accessorizing the costume to allow the artist to draw Movement.
She joined the Compagnie Adéquate in 2013, creating The Costumes of W for him (2013) and W for her (2014).

Alexandre begins with juggling, manipulation of objects, acrobatics and the wearthat that lead him to join multidisciplinary projects. A complete artist, he then set out to find a language between contemporary dance and acrobatics. He dances for Farid’O Co. in the shows “Syntracks” and “Dirty”, at the borders of hip-hop dance and theatre. He also collaborated with the Éolienne Co. (choreographed circus), the Théâtre de l’Esquif (transposed opera) and cie Escale in the play “Facades”. In 2005, he created “Carna”, a theatre duo directed by Catherine Dubois, inventing a language of physical actor at the crossroads of all these disciplines. Recently, he co-directed a quintet within his Company on the theme of exile “Road Burners”. Since 2009, he has collaborated with Mastoc Production Co., Daruma Co. and Art Mouv’ Corsican Co. Since the beginning of 2012, he has been involved in the new creation of the Adequate Co.: “Frater”.

After graduating from the National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris in contemporary dance in 2003, she is the performer for various companies notably the company Being donated, the Company Like that. She participated in the creations of choreographers Emmanuel Gat Dance, Ezio Schiavulli, Emilio Calcagno. From 2011 to 2012, she joined Philippe Decouflé’s company DCA as an interpreter for the creation Panorama. The following year, she danced for the collective Le Pôle in the creation Of Every Little Movement. She joined the company Adequate in 2014.

After a self-taught apprenticeship in Hiphop dance, Jean Magnard trained in contemporary and classical dance at the Conservatory and then at the Centre for Higher Studies of Music and Dance in Poitiers.
He went on to perform in London, Manchester and Birmingham for the Sebastian Rex Dance Group, Company Chameleon, Company A2, Tonny A, Akane Abe, Mickael Marso Rivière.
Artist invited in 2011 by the Conservatory of Poitiers to transmit his choreographic work, he created his own company the same year. He was also a guest artist at CHOREOLAB (UK) in 2012 and an associate artist with the Chameleon Company (UK). Recently based in Bordeaux, Jean is an interpreter for the X-Static Progress Company (Rodolphe Gentilhomme) and the Adequate Company (Lucie Augeai and David Gernez). He speaks at the language, body and mind seminar of linguist Jean-Rémi Lapaire around co-verbal gestuality. He divides his time between performance, teaching and choreography.

Born in France, Claire began dancing at a young age, notably in an amateur company with which she participated in several national competitions. After completing her bachelor’s degree in literature, she studied languages at the University of Poitiers and joined a dance training course at the Junior Ballet d’Aquitaine in Bordeaux. She then entered the London Contemporary Dance School in London, where she validated a bachelor’s degree in contemporary dance (BA Hons, first class degree). In this group, she is a performer in the creations of Barak Marshall, Rick Nodine, Shioban Davis, Rosemary Lee and Richard Alston.
She travelled to Israel, Germany, Belgium and Austria where she participated in the ImpulseTanz festival in Vienna, among others, and PARTS Intensive in Brussels. She recently collaborated with Britta Lieberknecht in Cologne and with Willi Dorner in Bodies in Urban Spaces. She joined the company Adequate in 2015.

Born in 1971, it was after working as a plumber that Smain discovered contemporary dance.

He then joined the CNDC in Angers in 1998 and began his acting career with Faizal Zeghoudi and Sylvie Guillermin. He then danced for Nasser Martin Gousset, Yuval Pick and Christian Rizzo before joining the company Adéquate in 2015 for the JOB project.

Quentin began dancing in high school and in Chorège with Françoise Lhémery and Catherine Gamblin-Lefèvre in Falaise. He continued his training with COLINE in Istres, and performed choreographies by Georges Appaix, Emanuel Gat, Ballet C de la B, Affari Esteri.

In 2010, he joined Lionel Hoche’s Cie Mémé Banjo and then for various choreographers: Virginie Mirbeau, Nadine Beaulieu, Sylvain Groud, Amandine Bajou.

In 2014, he performed on the Reflektor Tour with Montreal band Arcade Fire.

In parallel to these activities, he develops pedagogical work and provides a number of workshops to various audiences, amateurs, schoolchildren.

He joined the Adequate Co. on the creation of “The Kingdoms.”

Originally from Bordeaux, Guillaume was admitted in 2007 to the CNSM in Paris where he will follow the entire course in the Contemporary section with Florence Vitrac, Peter Goss, Christine Gérard and André Lafonta. During his training and with the Junior Ballet, he also worked with the Australian Dance Theater, Thomas Lebrun, Angelin Prejlocaj and Hofesh Shechter…

In June 2012, he participated in the retrospective of the DCA Cie Philippe Découflé before joining the NCC – Ballet de Lorraine until July 2017. During these 5 years, Guillaume worked with Mathilde Monnier, Emanuel Gat, Andonis Foniadakis, Marie Chouinard and Marcos Morau.

Vivien Simon trained in lyrical singing at the Mastery of Notre-Dame de Paris conducted by Nicole Corti, at the Young Choir of Paris conducted by Laurence Equilbey and Geoffroy Jourdain and then at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis in Basel, Switzerland in class byAnthony Rooley and Evelyn Tubb. In addition to his musical studies, he trained as an actor at the Charles Dullin School in Paris as well as as a professor of Qi Gong at the École des Temps du Corps in Paris and the Therapeutic Institute of Bei Da He in China.

In the theatre, he plays in particular “Hanjo” by Mishima m.e.s by Marie Hasse for the Théâtre du Temps in Paris, the comedies of Marguerite de Navarre m.e.s by Anne Berelowitch for the BNF in Paris and the Château du Clos Lucé or “Jeremy Fisher” by Mr. Rouabhi m.e.s by Audrey Daoudal for the Belleville Theatre.

In 2014, he joined the Vocal and Instrumental Company La Tempête, directed by Simon-Pierre Bestion.

The following year he joined the medieval music ensemble Sollazzo, directed by Anna Danilevskaia, sextet who won the first three prizes of “The York Early Music International Young Artists Competition 2015”. Their first two albums are golden tuning.

In 2017, he joined the contemporary dance company Adequate,led by Lucie Augeai and David Gernez for his first choreographic and musical project around courteous love and renaissance music: Douce Dame (2018), as well as the Eclats Company for a contemporary opera around the Jungle Book as Mowglie, two new projects planned for 2019.

Born in 1988, Simon-Pierre Bestion trained at the CRR in Nantes where he won an organ prize in Michel Bourcier’s class, as well as a musical training prize. At the same time, he worked on the harpsichord with Laure Morabito and Frédéric Michel, and enriched his training as a master-class keyboardist with Jan-Wil- lem Jansen, Francis Jacob, Benjamin Alard, Martin Gester and Aline Zylberach. He was a finalist in 2006 in the Bethune International Organ Competition. He regularly works as a continuist with Les Cris de Paris (Geoffroy Jourdain) and Insula Orchestra (Laurence Equilbey).

His taste for composition and contemporary music led him to discover vocal polyphony and the richness of choral work. He then trained as a choir director under Valérie Fayet at the CRR in Nantes, and sang under his direction in the choir of the National Orchestra of the Loire Countries. He then joined the CNSMD in Lyon in Nicole Corti’s class, and received valuable advice from chefs such as Régine Theodoresco, Roland Hayrabédian, Geoffroy Jourdain, Joel Suhubiette, Dieter Kurz, Timo Nuoranne…

During his training he was also strongly nourished by his encounters with Bruno Messina (ethnomusicology and musical culture), Claire Levacher (conductor), Dominique Moaty (vocals) and Thomas Lacôte (harmony and writing).

His passion for early music and management led him to found in 2007, with the gambist Julie Dessaint, the chamber music ensemble Europa Barocca. He completes this instrumental phalanx with the creation of the Luce del Canto choir, a vocal ensemble composed of young semi-professional singers.

Building on their professional development, these two formations met in 2015 to become the company La Tempête.

In 2017, he joined the contemporary dance company Adéquate, led by Lucie Augeai and David Gernez for a first choreographic and musical project around courteous love and renaissance music: Douce Dame (2018)

The company is supported by the DRAC New Aquitaine – Ministry of Culture and Communication under the aid to the company, is contracted by the New Aquitaine Region. The company is in partnership with the Olympia Theatre – Arcachon’s predominantly danced multidisciplinary convention stage (33) over the years 2017 to 2019.