To talk about one’s profession is to talk about one’s identity, our relationship to others, to the group

In this case, Adequate addresses a universal theme under the prism of the profession of dancer.

The auditions, the daily trainings, the creative work, the relationship to the stage, to the public, to the choreographer… The seven performers give us to understand their art, reveal with finesse and self-deprecation the codes, the peculiarities, the neuroses, the reflexes…

A modern ballet where dance, fluid and rhythmic, echoes with humor and exuberance a Job like no other.


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Lucie Augeai and David Gernez decipher the performer’s condition, not without humour. […] they go from the classical technique to the free dances of the dances, […] the group has the ability to let go and let themselves be won over by a collective dance where everything takes on meaning: the pleasure of moving together without worrying about the appearance or the place of each one.

Marie-Christine Vernay, Journalist, dance critic -
In the first image, […] references come: Platel, Bel, Pina… There is already, in this first image, humor, theatricality and a strong stage presence. […] Job is caring, endearing and fresh. […] By offering a show with a clear thread: work, and that never breaks, they question with simple images and brilliant ideas. […] Two names to remember and a job to follow.
Amèlie Blaustein NiddamJournalist, Dance review -

Lucie Augeai and David Gernez, two names to remember. […] The rhythm is mesmerizing and frenzied, almost tribal. […] Accelerated images, slow-motion images, Lucie Augeai and David Gernez use all the vocabulary of dance to tell their passion. Job is an autopsy of the job of dancer.

Stéphane Capron, Journalist, critic - and FranceInter

When dancing becomes a reason to live. […] Choreography and music are relentlessly effective. […] This bet, from their first group piece, is a success. The writing of the piece is such that the audience attends the largest audition ever danced on a set, leaving each performer to express himself.

Laurent Bourbousson, Journalist -

With this creation, the seven dancers of the troupe have completely embarked
the audience in the world of dance. […] Composition roles performed to perfection. They did the “Job” and much more.

Jessica Chaine, Journalist - Provence

Energetic and intelligently funny.

Philippe Verrièle, Dance review




pas de représentation


Lucie Augeai and David Gernez – in collaboration with the dancers
Lucie Augeai, Marie Rual, Claire Lavernhe, David Gernez, Alexandre Blondel, Jean Magnard, Smaïn Boucetta
Complicit look, text and voice
Jessica Fouché
Musical score
Anthony Rouchier
Light Creation and General Authority
Etienne Soullard
Gwendoline Grandjean
Sociological look
Pierre-Emmanuel Sorignet

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